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Friday, March 5th happened to be a teacher's training day in Fislisbach and Amanda had free from school. I was fortunate enough to be able to arrange a free day from work as well so that we could head for a prolonged weekend to the mountains.

I booked via Internet an average *** hotel, but they had overbooked and had to rebook us for the same price to one of the best hotels in the Gstaad region. We weren't complaining :-)
Here's a link to the hotel: www.gstaad-saanen.steigenberger.ch

The first picture shows the hotel complex with some of the ski slopes in the background. Our appartment was on the ground floor to the left in the picture. The next picture shows the parents' room and the picture to the left the kids' room.

As the weather left much to be wished for, we were content to spend most of our time around the pool and saunas.

However, we also dared to spend some time outside. Here walking along the hillsides close to the hotel.

The rest of the family had no interest in going skiing (the large pool seemed to be more fun this time), so I had to bend to the majority decision :-(

The dinner at the hotel was an utmost delight. It consisted of a 6-course menu with a seprate menu for the kids. Getting through it took us almost 3 pleasant hours - and even the kids didn't complain...honestly.

Early February Anne's parents came over to visit us for roughly a week. I was working during this time, so they spent most of their time around our region. During their second weekend, we went for 1 night to the eastern parts of Switzerland. Saturday we spent in Toggenburg from where this picture is taken.

Below you can see the Toggenburg valley and behind the mountain chain below the clouds is Germany.

In Toggenburg I spent half a day skiing with the kids while Anne went walking and sleighing with her parents.

The next day we had fog in Toggenburg so we decided to drive to some other area of the Alps. In Klosters we found the sun and spent a couple of hours walking around the village and enjoying the excellent weather

From here we drove to Davos and had a late lunch there before driving back home.

End of January brought winter also to our village. Here you can see the village covered in snow (picture from Boll) 

When we have snow, all the kids from the village run to the Boll after school to race the hill with their Snow Bobs.

Here Amanda with her best friend Fabienne. As you can see in the backround, the hill is crowded with kids.