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From Wednesday to Sunday, 21-25. April, we had the most wonderful holiday in Euro Disney Paris.

Here we are on the "Main Street" entering the Disneyworld park. Thursday was the only day with some rain. Fortunately this kept the people out of the park and gave us the opportunity to enjoy the best gadgets without much of queuing!!!

PS. On Saturday you had to wait over 1 hour to get on the best gadgets

We went there with very good friends of ours - the Ervast family composing of Jouni (my old army & university buddy), his wife Minna and their 4-year old daughter Maria (you can see the back of her head leaning towards some cool roller-coaster wagons we were about to board).

Stupidly enough I noticed that all the pictures I took of them as a family I took with their "digimon" and not with mine. Thus no better pictures of them were available...

Here you can see the hotel we stayed in... the Newport Bay Club within the Disneyworld Resort. This is a *** hotel built according to a US concept but with some French peculiarities in the service.

Our rooms were on the grond floor to the right of Anton's head. This was, by the way, the biggest hotel we've ever stayed in... It has 1'071 rooms!

Our Anton is a freak for fast cars. So when we on Friday went to Disney Studios and saw from the program, that there was a Stunt Show that we could visit, there was no turning back.

Here Anton is posing before the hero of the show

The Stunt Show was something to recommend to almost anyone. It showed step-by-step how an action scene is being directed and how the special effects are realised. The show lasted slightly over half an hour.

When later asking Anton which part of Euro Disney was the best, he said the "Stunt Show"!

In Disneyworld they also have a lot of different shows. Here's a picture from "Tarzan" - also to be recommended.

Amanda got the opportunity to try a trampoline where she got rigged up to a bunch of rubber cords which enabled her to jump up 4-5 meters high. She enjoyed this tremendously.

We visited almost all the gadgets in the area. Unfortunately those aren't the best places to take pictures. Here's one of the few that succeeded - the kids on the "Flying Carpet" of Aladdin.

Jouni and I went separately to the coolest gadgets and found most of them kick-butt great!

Now I finally know that I ain't destined to become a King ;-)

As you can see, even with the help of Anton I couldn't pull the sword out of the stone!

Amanda wanted a face-lift.

Personally I was of the opinion, that it's somewhat early for her to think of face-lifts, but after seeing the result, I thought... well, why not!

From this face painting you can easily imagine which animal she favours

On Saturday evening we went to the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, which included a full dinner while watching wild west tricks on a large arena.

Everybody got a personal "Stetson". There were 4 teams - red, green, yellow, and... I think you can guess the fourth one :-)

Green won... damn b****rds

The show was professional, entertaining, and involving. Here a snapshot of the action on-stage.

The slogan of the show was getting the public to lift their Stetsons in the air and shouting "Yieeehaaa" as hard as they could. We made our own version of it with a "d" at the end. Try shouting it with a "d", think about some fanatics in the Middle East and what do you get???